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BH NetworkA New Freelancing Ecosystemafter-line

For many years, all of the BH Network team members have freelanced or owned businesses online as their primary source of income, paying too much for buying services, waiting for too long to withdraw our hard-earned money, and always run the risk of fraudulent chargebacks - costing us time and money.

We had to turn the tides; as a team, for the global freelancing community.


The Solutionafter-line

With blockchain technology becoming more mainstream, and people seeing the benefit of cryptocurrencies, creating a cryptocurrency-based, digital marketplace was the best solution to all of the problems freelancers face.


Building the Future for Freelancers


Our Mission and Visionafter-line

To lead freelancing marketplace innovation and expand possibilities for individuals, businesses, and customers in a world connected and protected by the power of blockchain technology without boundaries or limitations.



The BH Network marketplace creates fairness for all participants by removing all biases towards long-standing sellers and allowing users to pick according to their needs, skill, and budget.



The benefits of a low fee, secure, and fair marketplace will encourage users to return time and time again, creating a new wave of freelancing possibilities while spending less and earning more.



Imagine having no security credentials like usernames and passwords, but just using your blockchain private keys securely stored in your wallet to log in and simply scanning a QR code.

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Out of Frustration Comes The Need For Changeafter-line

Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology allows us to create a freelancing marketplace that eliminates or vastly reduces all of the pain points that all freelancers currently face while creating a fair, sustainable, and friendly environment for both seasoned freelancers and newcomers alike.

Join our journey to make freelancing great!

1.2 Billion

Freelancers worldwide

Freelancers make up more than 1/7th of the global population and ~33% of the entire workforce in the world. Furthermore, the global gig economy is expected to reach $455 billion by the year 2023.

53% of all Gen Z

Workers are freelancers

Followed closely by millennials at 40% of all workers freelancing. 77% of all current freelancers report that technology has increased reach, customer base, and made it easier to find work.

65% of workers

Earn more money freelancing

When compared to their previous employment. They also report better health, more flexibility for families, and more time to do things they are passionate about. 84% of workers found real purpose freelancing.

78% income growth

For freelancers in 2019

The United States is the largest freelancing market in the world. With a 78% income increase in 2019, American freelancers have contributed ~$1.2 trillion to the economy during the current pandemic so far with an average pay of $21 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questionsafter-line

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have other questions

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notice Is BHAT a coin or a token?

A token.

As BH Network will utilize the Elrond blockchain and infrastructure, it is a token. Only when a token has its own blockchain is it a coin.

notice Which blockchain are you building your project on and why?


We are using the Elrond blockchain because of its infrastructure. Elrond allows for huge transactions per minute, immediate payments, and nominal fees for processing.

notice Do you own a company?


The company is BH Network AG, based in Liechtenstein.

notice Where can I see the whitepaper?


Our whitepaper is available for you to view on our token website.

notice How can I contact the team members?

Telegram or email.

The easiest way to get in touch with the team members is through the official Telegram group: https://t.me/bhnetwork. Although, you can also send an email to contact@bh.network, and one of the team members will reply to you.

notice What are the social media channels?
notice What is your final goal?

To lead freelancing marketplace innovation and expand possibilities for individuals, businesses, and customers in a world connected and protected by the power of blockchain technology without boundaries or limitations.

notice I Want To Become An Ambassador; How Can I Apply?

Email: contact@bh.network

We appreciate all interest in our token and would love to talk to you about the possibility of you becoming an ambassador. If you have any questions about becoming an ambassador, please feel free to contact us at contact@bh.network.

notice Which currencies will your future marketplace accept?

BH Token, Elrond eGold (EGLD), and stable coins.

While BH Token, EGLD, and stable coins will be the first tokens we accept, others may depend on collaborations in the future.

All information for marketplace currencies will be available here.

notice Why are you building on the Elrond blockchain?

The Elrond blockchain has many advantages that the BH.Network team can utilize. For example:

  • Best performance - 15,000 current TPS, 6s block time, $0.001 tx cost, can scale beyond 100,000 (263,000 TPS in testnet)
  • Best scalability - Scales via Adaptive State Sharding, consensus via Secure Proof of Stake
  • Extremely reliable - Zero downtime since launch
  • Best mix of Dapp ease of use with security embedded - Maiar money app with progressive security, social recovery, embedded DeFi
  • Next-gen of SDK & tools for blockchain dev
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