BH Network Hub - Private Sale Investors - Thank you!

Steve Talbot on 31st May, 2022

BH Network Hub - Private Sale Investors - Thank you for being here since the beginning of the journey!

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  1. Dear BH Network Private Sale Investors,
  3. SolrDAO
  4. Parachain Group
  5. Tokero
  6. CA Crypto Advisory AG
  7. Tortuga Staking
  8. D1fferent Capital
  9. MGStaking
  10. Digital Geckos
  11. IXFI
  12. Florin Cojocaru

Dear BH Network Private Sale Investors,

We would like to take some time to thank all groups and individuals who have supported the BH Networks' vision for the future and for being part of the journey from the beginning. 

We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following:


ZBS CAPITAL is a VC fund dedicated to building a decentralized world together. ZBS CAPITAL supports promising early-stage projects & companies with financial and advisory help.


SolrDAO was created out of a passion for blockchain and everything that comes with it. They believe that power should be with the many and not the few, and decentralized technologies are bringing precisely that to the table.

Parachain Group

Parachain Group is an asset management and investment firm committed to continuous improvements and exceptional returns through actively managed portfolios of blockchain assets.


Tokero is a crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchange, a ramp-on/ramp-off platform for investors. The platform also provides corporate accounts to companies interested in cryptocurrency investing.

CA Crypto Advisory AG

CA Crypto Advisory AG is a company based in Liechtenstein that advises and supports companies in blockchain compliance and all related tasks and challenges.

Tortuga Staking

Tortuga Staking is a featured Elrond Staking Provider aiming to assist in the acceptance, expansion, and long-term success of the Web 3 ecosystem and its associated technologies. They provide high-performance node and staking infrastructure for everyone, everywhere.

D1fferent Capital

D1fferent Capital is a featured Elrond Staking Provider focusing on transparency, growth, and support; always looking for projects that bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds.


MGStaking is a featured Elrond Staking Provider helping you increase your cryptocurrency assets by participating in completely secure, trustable, and Non-Custodial Staking. Besides Staking services, MGStaking is dedicated to building and bringing adoption to the Elrond Network.

Digital Geckos

Digital Geckos is a multi-award-winning SEO agency that has helped countless businesses increase visibility and reach on search engines and social media platforms. 


IXFI is the newest financial ecosystem that serves as a trusted and user-friendly crypto exchange platform. Fast and safe transfers, crypto loans, and card solutions are just some tools that will help you trade crypto assets on a whole new level.

Florin Cojocaru

Florin Cojocaru is one of the most prominent solo crypto investors in the Elrond Network and the co-founder of Staking Agency, one of the biggest featured Elrond staking providers.

There are a few more investors in the private sale round, and we would like to thank all of you for your patience, trust in the team, and our vision for the future of the BH Network Hub and Elrond Network adoption.

On behalf of the whole BH Network Hub team, we thank you all for your trust and ongoing support. 

Let's build continuously. 

Steve Talbot
CIO - Editing Director
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We are happy to announce that Tokero, a trusted Romanian cryptocurrency exchange, has successfully completed the BH Network presale.

Steve Talbot 17th February, 2022


We are excited to announce that BH Network will work with UTU to integrate their Trust API and SDK into the marketplace for a more beneficial experience.

Steve Talbot 21st February, 2022


We are excited to announce a partnership with Ydentity Organization to include Ydentity ID dApps for signups, logins, and Web3 Certification.

Steve Talbot 23rd February, 2022