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We are happy to announce another BH Network Hub community supporter - Kattana Trade, offering real-time cross-chain DEX and CEX trading.

Steve Talbot 20th May, 2022

BHAT, the governance token for the BH Network freelancing marketplace and BHero Launchpad, is now integrated into the Maiar Exchange Staking program.

Steve Talbot 11th May, 2022

The time has come for all of the BHeroes and BHATallion members to join forces with the help of Maiar DEX in the BHAT public listing!

Steve Talbot 10th May, 2022

BH Network is proud to bring the second fully legal Launchpad,, to the Elrond blockchain after the giant Maiar Launchpad.

Steve Talbot 4th May, 2022

Niedermüller Attorneys at Law is an official partner of the BH Network hub, ensuring blockchain regulations and licenses are ready for the long-term.

Steve Talbot 3rd May, 2022

AnChain, the final piece to this part of the puzzle, is an official partner of the BH Network Hub, ensuring the security of the BHero Launchpad.

Steve Talbot 8th April, 2022