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The time has come for all of the BHeroes and BHATallion members to join forces with the help of Maiar DEX in the BHAT public listing!

Steve Talbot 10th May, 2022

BH Network has been working on a secondary product of the ecosystem. The BHero cryptocurrency project and NFT Launchpad is coming soon!

Steve Talbot 24th March, 2022

This article is a simplified overview of the BH Network goals and how we will help the global freelancing economy with blockchain technology

Steve Talbot 5th October, 2021

All freelancers who work on the internet face the same problems. BH Network aims to solve those issues - we explain how here.

Steve Talbot 9th June, 2021

This article is a brief summary of the BH Network token idea and how it can help the global freelancing economy.

Steve Talbot 8th June, 2021