Q2 2023 – BH Network Hub – Recap

Q2 Report


We are delighted to present to you our comprehensive work and performance statistics for Q2 2023. Despite the ongoing bear market, we remain resilient and committed, steadfastly executing our strategies since day one.


The MultiversX team has enabled farming for BHAT holders on their DEX, xExchange. By adding liquidity to BHAT-wEGLD LP and farm the LP, now you can get up to 35% base APR and 112% boosted APR in xMEX.


BHero.com – Redesign

We have completed a complete and unique redesign of BHero.com, making it more user-friendly and preparing it for multichain functionality

See it here.


BHero Staking – Custom Staking

We have developed a custom staking infrastructure that offers additional benefits to long-term BHAT holders. The “12 MONTHS PERIOD” smart contract was completely filled in a short period of time, resulting in a successful action. We still maintain a small APR on xExchange out of respect for the community and the MultiversX team itself.

See it here.


Top Tier CEX Listing – BitGet

Bitget, a top-tier CEX, has experienced exponential growth in the last two years. As one of our oldest collaborators, they have listed the BHAT token, which is now available for trading alongside USDT.

See it here.


BHero Points System – Simple, Instant, User-Friendly

We received feedback from the community, especially from new users, stating that they found the level system difficult to understand, particularly for participants from web2. We listened to this feedback and completely redesigned the system to be simple and user-friendly. Here are the key changes:

  1. Participants can earn Points by locking their BHAT tokens for a period of 6, 12, or 18 months. Points are earned instantly and straightforwardly.
  2. Points have multiple benefits, including participation in lotteries/minting and increased DAO voting power.

We have developed our own custom infrastructure for managing Points, which can be found at https://mvx.bhero.com/points. This redesign is also planned for future native EVM-based blockchains, ensuring a consistent experience across different chains within the BHero ecosystem.

All BHAT participants will have priority on other chains, while also making it easier for new participants to onboard, thus opening up a whole new world of opportunities for the BHero ecosystem. More information will be shared when the EVM release goes live.


BHero DAO – Live

As promised, our main priority is to bring adoption to the MultiversX ecosystem. We have remained the leader in the MultiversX launchpad market.


How BHero DAO works:

  1. Projects apply to BHero.
  2. We conduct a general check.
  3. Our legal team verifies their legal incorporation, provides legal opinions, and performs other necessary legal checks on a case-by-case basis.
  4. If a project passes, it proceeds to community voting.
  5. Any BHero participant with at least 1 point can vote: Yes, No, or Abstain.
  6. Once the voting period ends, if the project receives at least 51% of the votes, it moves on to the KYC stage and the Mint Stage.

The voting system is a unique custom infrastructure developed internally by us, which shows real-time votes in a decentralized and transparent manner on the blockchain.

See the first proposal here.


Public Sales Hosted on BHero


GoCharge – $CHARGED token

A company in the EV industry hosted a public sale on BHero, resulting in token sales worth over $850,000.

See it here.


Home X – First DAO Project

The first community-voted DAO project has been approved and moved to the KYC round. Shortly after, BHero Launchpad sold out its NFT collection.

See it here.


Dreamy Whales by NeverSea

The biggest European beach festival, with over 200,000 participants each year, will host the public sale of their unique NFT collection on BHero in the following weeks.

See it here.


Other Highlights:

  • Awards: SourceForge – Spring Leader 2023
  • Partnerships: JewelSwap, NFT Bucharest, CryptoRank.io, E-Compass, NFT Cluj
  • BH Agents Raffles – Weekly and Monthly raffles for all active community members
  • Monthly prizes for the top Discord community members engaging in our Socials


JewelSwap – The first lending protocol based on NFTs on MultiversX.

The NFT projects to be launched on the BHero Launchpad will benefit from another use case: whitelisting in the Jewel Swap dApp.


BHero x CryptoRank

With over 1 million visitors a month, CryptoRank.io it’s one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms specializing in Launchpad tracking services.


E-Compass x BHero Launchpad stats aggregator

We are happy to announce that e-Compass is actively tracking all BHero Launchpad Public Sales, starting with GoCharge.


Images during BHero presentation at NFT Cluj
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BHAT token statistics

BHAT – Governance Token

Holders: 77,364
Transactions: 344,484Staked BHAT: 64,368,031 BHAT

BHero Launchpad

6,431 locked points
5.4M BHAT locked

BH Agents NFTs

Total Volume: 9,775 EGLD


Thank you again for being with us and making time to read this recap. Looking forward to developing more cross-chain products with you, for you!

BH Network Team

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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