BH Network to Invest $1 Million USD in BHero Accelerator Program

BH Network to Invest $1 Million in BHero Accelerator Program


BHero is the second fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the Elrond Network, not only helping the incubated projects with tech, legal, business, tokenomics, marketing, and networking but also investing in the best projects.

What is the BH Network Hub?

The BH Network Hub, coupled with the BHAT token, will lead freelancing marketplace innovation, expand possibilities for individuals and businesses, boosting the Hub capabilities by increasing the BHAT token fundamentals via the BHero Launchpad.

What will the BHero Launchpad Do?

The BH Network team will leverage their knowledge, experience, and connections to increase the adoption of the Elrond ecosystem by vetting, advising, and accelerating the most disruptive and valuable projects and businesses.

Those projects can be completely new blockchain startups or current web 2.0 companies looking to venture into web 3.0.

Why is BH Network Putting $1 Million into the BHero Accelerator?

  1. To help onboard new business and NFT projects into the Elrond Network.
  2. To prove that the team trusts the projects that go through the Launchpad and the audit and holistic support shows skin in the game through investing in the incubated businesses.

As part of the BHero mission to lead innovation, as a sign of skin-in-the-game, we have decided to make $1 million USD accessible to the best projects that build their projects on the Elrond blockchain via the BHero Accelerator program.


Apply for the accelerator program to be part of the $1 million USD Launchpad battle by clicking here.

Let the battle commence.

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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