Q1 2023 – BH Network Hub – Recap

Q1 Recap 2023 - BH Network Hub


Dear Investors,

First of all, we would like to thank you for being with us from the very first day, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts honestly, assuming we live in strange times and in not flourishing macro economical conditions. But as we all know markets are cyclical and we are here to stay and build with you.

Time flies and it’s time for the first quarterly recap of the year 2023.


TopIQs – Live


As you may know, https://topIQs.com – The Marketplace for Crypto Freelancers is fully live and connected with MultiversX (previously Elrond) blockchain and we are proud to say we completed the first promises according to the initial roadmap. The platform is one of a kind, where the participants can create their own web3 jobs and become the owners of those specific generated Smart Contracts seamlessly, with a complete feeling of web2 without having any technical or blockchain-based skills.

Moreover, we also integrated a custom invoice system for the participants, including companies that want to hire freelancers, and also prove to the local government spending and tax earnings. This invoice mechanism is applicable for both buyer-seller and user-topIQs interactions.

The beta launch on mainnet was a success.

Right now we’re live with the official GA (General Availability) 1.0 release having all the features from the whitepaper enabled:

  1. The Escrow SC Infrastructure
  2. Individual & Company Profiles
  3. Job Posting
  4. Proposal History System for tracing the development of an accepted proposal
  5. Seller-Buyer Chat
  6. Invoices & Job Notes
  7. Support Calls
  8. Reviews
  9. Categories & Search System


BH Network – From Single Project to Hub of Services


BH Network evolved in less than 9 months from a single project to a real web3 Hub of services including Crypto Marketing, Smart Contracts Audit, Projects Audits, and other crypto and non-crypto services in order to help new or old projects from MultiversX to grow in a healthy and safe manner.




We are also proud to announce that we have strengthened our team a lot onboarding 2 senior web3 software engineers in our team, and we fast-forwarded all the processes and further plans that we researched in the last months, which will be released in the next 2 quarters.

Eustatiu Iagaru – CTO

Experienced technology leader with over 7 years of experience in the industry, including hands-on experience in Web3 as part of the MultiversX (previously Elrond) team. Versatile background includes working on government projects (UK), small agencies, and major corporations such as IBM. Skilled in leading teams, developing and executing technology strategies, and managing large-scale projects. Passionate about the potential of Web3 technologies, including blockchain and decentralized systems, to revolutionize traditional business models.

Catalin Neagu – Head of Engineering

Senior Software Engineer with over 6 years in the industry, specializing in security, Linux, and backend development. Proficient in delivering high-quality solutions that meet complex business requirements, particularly in the area of security and smart contracts in the web3 environment. Adept in ensuring the security of blockchain applications through in-depth knowledge of security protocols and risk mitigation strategies. Proven track record in executing projects for companies such as Bitdefender, NXP, and MultiversX (previously Elrond) (leading the development of the DEX Smart Contracts).

Sadly, Steve Talbot has a health issue and a temporary step back from the team.
Together with the extended team, we are now 7 people working full-time 24/7 for all the products under the BH Network hub.

To see the full team and more detailed information kindly visit: https://bh.network/team/


General P&L


Being a team of 5 seniors in our areas of expertise, makes the project more agile, distributing work faster and creating better products, because all of us know what to do and where to do, without outsourcing any specific work.

This will not just reduce the significant expenses but also we are happy to say we are having positive revenue comparing Q1 2023 vs Q3 2022.

As you may be aware, no team tokens are sold or changed in other cryptocurrencies and we have no plan to do that in the near future, in respect for all of you, but also to prove why we let our web2 jobs/businesses and decide to build in web3 putting the community first in any moment.

3 Security Audits

As we shared with you earlier, a portion of the revenue is coming from the Security Audits, with 3 of them being from this quarter, and more being in the pipeline.


CowCow – Record Time Sold Out – 4 Minutes



One of the most effervescent communities and a potential leader in community-based NFT Collections on MultiversX, was launched with our help via BHero – Launchpad.

CowCow, continuously does marketing and partnerships across the NFT sphere, bridging the users from other ecosystems to MultiversX, including the giants from the NFT space.

More specifically, CowCow alone brought over 1,000 new KYC’d members on the BHero launchpad. This is a big step not just for BHero and CowCow, but also for MultiversX assuming the average daily active users in the previous months are 15,000 on the entire MultiversX ecosystem.


“A rising tide lifts all boats”


We work and make connections all over the world, trying to bring more projects as CowCow on MultiversX. Making a small calculation, another 14 projects such as CowCow and the entire ecosystem will double, which will result in more builders, more marketing, and bigger communities.




GoCharge – Timeline Announcement


Like Uber – but for Electric Vehicles Chargers and Power Bank Stations

GoCharge, one of the most hard-working teams we met in this space is now ready to host their Public Sale on BHero Launchpad.

We are proud to incubate a project that has direct mainland connections and business people in China and Europe, making the manufacture of their device cheaper and not buying from any 3rd parties or resellers.

The sharing economic model combines perfectly real-world use cases with the powerful MultiversX blockchain technology.

GoCharge will also help bring attention to the ecosystem due to their displays from the power bank stations where the advertisement will be placed. Imagine seeing the MultiversX project in a restaurant, academy, pub, concert, or any type of corner shop. Also, their business connections with the Chinese electric vehicle charger manufacturers will help not just drastically reduce the costs, but also will help the participants of the project acquire cheaper products, directly from the source, earning almost passive income in the real world, connected with blockchain technology due to their Franchise ability.

See the timeline for Public Sale: https://bhero.com/token/multiversx/goCharge



Other Highlights


IXFI as a key strategic BNB project on BHero

We are excited to launch a complete alternative to banks, a next-generation crypto exchange – IXFI.

New BH.Network site

While you have been leveling up your BHero, we have been leveling up your User Experience of the BH Network Web3 Hub website to better reflect the Web3 hub holistic approach.

⦿ Complete redesign finished – integrated all our products & services
⦿ Adding custom data feeds for token and Twitter
⦿ Adding content and on-page SEO

New BHero site

A faster and more reliable BHero dApp and infrastructure – BHero backend and dApp optimizations to squeeze out the best performance during high load launches.

MultiversX rebrand and xPortal integrations for all products

Both topIQs and BHero dApps are fully in sync with the MultiversX rebrand, working with WC2.0 and integrated into the new xPortal mobile app.
Also, work in progress for a new BHero level system & new BHAT staking system that will put more pressure and visibility on BHAT making it easier to onboard more users from other ecosystems – more details here.

CoinTelegraph Innovation Circle Partner

We are proud to say that we became a member of one of the biggest global entities in the crypto space, for sure all of us know who CoinTelegraph is and what it represents. This will also help us network with community leaders all over the world.

$BHAT on Eneftor

Eneftor NFT marketplace list $BHAT token as a method of payment on their website.

BH Network on Discord

We release the Discord server to help the community engage in a healthy and fun manner, creating also more social media awareness for the project.

Join now: https://discord.gg/bhnetwork

BH Agents NFT – Discord

Holders have a special place not just in our hearts but also on Discord, the most active of them also receiving discounts, invites to global conferences, prizes, and other perpetual perks that we have planned for them.

NFT Bucharest – Conference

Marius Grigoras and Petrica Butusina were present at the NFT Bucharest warm-up, the first and biggest NFT gathering in South-East Europe.

See more: https://nftbucharest.xyz/



351 NFT 2023.03.10

BHAT token statistics:

⦿ BHAT – Governance Token:
Holders: 74,207
Transactions: 265,499
Staked BHAT: 61,389,031 BHAT
⦿ BHero Launchpad:
7,102 users (>=L1)
50,405 Total Levels
⦿ BH Agents NFTs:
Total Volume: 8,920 EGLD


Thank you again for being with us and making time to read this recap. Looking forward to developing more cross-chain products with you, for you!

BH Network Team

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