BH Network Partners with ZoidPay for Instant Interoperable Liquidity

BH Network Partners with ZoidPay


We are excited to announce that ZoidPay is an official partner of BH Network, getting ready for the global adoption of freelancers to the Web3 freelancing marketplace with a complete footprint in the blockchain.

BH Network Partners with ZoidPay for Instant Interoperable Liquidity

ZoidPay will offer businesses, freelancers, and their customers a dynamic, stable, and effective method of payment using crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, or crypto-fiat with the planned launch of APIs and SDKs later in 2022.

Furthermore, with the physical, ZoidPay/BH Network debit cards coming soon, freelancers will have even lower wait times to use their money, as they will have the ability to pay for groceries, fuel, and anything else they need directly from their $BHAT balance.

At a low 5% transaction fee, this partnership is a huge milestone for BH Network, freelancers, and businesses alike. However, to make that even more appealing, ZoidPay offers 5% cashback on all purchases using $BHAT, thus negating all fees.

Social Media

If you want to see how the ZoidPay team is transforming the global cryptocurrency payment system, visit their social media links below:

  • Twitter – (@ZoidPay) – 98k Followers
  • LinkedIn – (ZoidPay) – 16,143 Followers
  • YouTube – (Eduard Oneci) – 7.95k Subscribers
  • Medium – (Zoidcoin-Network)
  • Telegram – ZoidPay – 13,294 Members

Team Members

ZoidPay has a solid global team of developers, designers, marketers, business managers, and an advisory board.

Their team includes:

Benefits for ZoidPay Customers?

The ZoidPay team has developed a Chrome browser extension (launched in October 2021) that allows for crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, and crypto-fiat payments at over 100 million retailers online.

Using a single-use KYC, users have a monthly limit of €100,000 (or €1M per day for extended KYC) and a non-KYC account (coming soon) that will allow a monthly spend limit of €2,500.

The Chrome extension, which will be globally available soon, will integrate all non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, giving the user complete control over their assets at all stages of purchases.

Why Did ZoidPay Partner with BH Network?

“Another step in the right direction for the Elrond Network ecosystem. BH Network is a very impressive project especially given the niche area it’s aiming to disrupt, and the team, led by Marius and Eddie, makes it a great project to partner with. We’ve discussed a number of mutually beneficial use-cases that emerge from this in the coming months, where each of us can leverage our respective strengths in extending the most efficient and economically beneficial experience for freelancers.”

  • Eduard Oneci – Founder and CEO at ZoidPay

Why Did BH Network Partner With ZoidPay?

“There are 1.1B freelancers globally. Imagine at least 0.1% of these in the Elrond ecosystem through BH Network solutions. ZoidPay’s decentralized crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto payment solutions are extremely important for web3.0-friendly onboarding for these freelancers. Here at BH Network, we believe in strong projects with good fundamentals and proof of execution. ZoidPay has proven that it has the right experience to connect conventional payments to the blockchain and make them more secure, faster, and easier to access than other options currently available.”

  • Marius Grigoras, Co-Founder & CEO at BH Network

For more information about ZoidPay and how they are changing the future of cryptocurrency payments, visit

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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