Tokero Presale Partnership

Tokero Presale Partnership


We are happy to announce that Tokero, a trusted Romanian cryptocurrency exchange, has successfully completed the BH Network presale.

We are happy to announce that Tokero, the Romanian trading platform, carried out and successfully completed the BH Netowork presale round, overselling all tickets within hours of opening.

Tokero Facilitates BH Network Presale

We would like to thank the Tokero team for their support and efforts in creating an easy experience for all Tokero users and BH Network investors around the world.

About BH Network

BH Network is creating a digital products and services marketplace with a complete footprint in the Elrond blockchain. Allowing for seamless transactions, high-end security, complete traceability, and extremely low fees for the global freelancing economy of 1.1 billion people and their customers.

A freelancing world connected and protected by the power of blockchain technology without boundaries or limitations.

About Tokero

Tokero is a Romanian cryptocurrency exchange platform with the goal of connecting the Fiat and Crypto worlds by allowing seamless interaction between the two while educating all crypto users and enthusiasts.

To find out more about Tokero, visit their website.

BH Network does not offer any investment advice of any partners, supporters, or any other person/business featured on our website or social media. You should always do your own research.

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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