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From a project audit to global positioning, marketing, Tokenomics, and Smart Contracts audits, the BHero services suite provides all the requirements that any business needs to transition into the Web3 era.

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Our Exclusive Services for Crypto Marketing

There are so many different ways to market your project, and it can be hard to know where to start.

We specialize in helping NFT and Crypto projects with directed, lead-generating marketing campaigns that are custom created for your project.

SEO Services

Every project is unique and deserves a custom approach. That’s why we offer complete bespoke SEO solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Whether it’s on-page optimization, off-page SEO, public relations, or branding, we’ll develop a strategy that gets results.

Link Building

Our services provide high-quality, cryptocurrency, and niche-specific links to improve SEO.

Guest Posts

Our writers and SEO experts create high-quality guest posts that meet the needs of your target audience.

Brand Links

We create and provide tailored Brand Link strategies to maximize your digital presence.

SEO Packages

Fully customized SEO packages that delivers results and drives targeted traffic for your campaign.

SEO Audit

Extensive evaluation of all technical aspects of your website allows us to create the perfect strategy for growth.

Link Audit

Advanced link analysis uncovers problems and we build a plan to rectify them.

HARO Links

We identify and craft pitches that will grab the attention of reporters and editors for your requirements.

Press Releases

Drive higher levels of engagement and keep everyone up-to-date on any new developments in your business.

Editorial Links

Boost your SEO, increase traffic to your website, and establish you as an expert with our Editorial Links service

Content Services

Based on your specific requirements and business needs, we partner with you to create a custom content strategy to help move your company forward.

From cluster content to SEO-optimized blog posts, our team of experienced professionals is up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency trends and able to deliver top-notch content that drives potential customers to your door.

Content Strategy

We commit to building an engaging narrative around your brand, products, or services that resonates with target audiences.

Cluster Content at Scale

Our Cluster Content Service allows you to present multiple angles of complex topics to give comprehensive information to readers.

SEO Content

Our quality SEO content improves engagement with visitors on your pages to help keep visitors on site and increase the likeliness of better conversion rates.

Blog Writing

Our team of professional writers knows precisely how to craft engaging, persuasive content that can take your business to the next level.

BHero Audit Services

BHero offers a complete audit package for any currently established Web3 businesses and any Web2 or traditional companies looking to transition into cryptocurrency. 

We’ll use a custom-tailored approach to identify risk areas and actionable strategies to help reduce them as far as possible while meeting all industry regulation standards. With BHero, you can rest assured knowing that you have the full support of an effective, reliable audit system protecting you from potential financial losses. 

Complete Project Audit

Our Complete Project Audit Service comprises checks and recommendations of all aspects you need to focus on to become a successful Web3 business.

Smart Contract Audits

We audit your smart contracts to identify security vulnerabilities and potential exploits and ensure they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Initial Project Audit

An early-stage check for your project, including the name, social media presence, website, the validity of your community, goals, and plans to reach them.

Tokenomics Verification

A comprehensive audit of your tokenomics with a full report explaining how to adjust them for an increase in interest and a better overall outcome of your strategy.

Use Cases & Fundamentals

We will help you position yourselves and your project in the best possible way to encourage investors to see your project in the same light that you do.

Global Positioning

Our global positioning service helps with everything you need, from getting potential partners, VCs, and Angel Investors, to the right marketing strategy.

Crypto Marketing

From conception to conclusion, our experts will walk you step-by-step and craft the best path to success.

By using advanced analytics methods, you’ll know exactly what approaches work best for promoting and building a solid following around your Web3 product. 

NFT Marketing

We'll work hand-in-hand with you to develop creative and effective ways to promote your NFTs and ensure you reach your target audience.

Gaining Investments

We work hand-in-hand with Web2 businesses to launch successful Web3 campaigns and attract the right kind of investors that can propel your business forward.

Legal Compliance Assistance

We provide expert guidance on navigating ever-evolving global cryptocurrency regulations so you can make sure your project is compliant with all necessary guidelines.

Incubator Services

We provide personalized incubation services that take advantage of blockchain technology's full potential, helping position your business for a profitable future.

CEX Listings

We provide detailed guidance and assistance throughout the journey of getting your asset listed on a significant CEX.

Community Building

We know exactly what works when it comes to community building - so let us take your project from strength to strength with our comprehensive service package.

Tokenomics Setup and Execution

Whether you’re an established Web3 business or transitioning from Web2, our team of specialists can create a custom-made tokenomics plan for the long-term success of your project and help you execute it.

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