BH Network – BHAT Joins Maiar Exchange Metabonding

BH Network - BHAT joins Maiar Exchange Metabonding


BHAT on Maiar Exchange Metabonding

We are happy to officially announce that the BH Network token BHAT, the governance token for the future freelancing platform, the BHero Launchpad, and all other projects under the BH Network umbrella, is available for the Maiar Exchange Metabonding program. Metabonding is a Web3 bonding fire and will become the golden standard for community building. This will be the front page of the Elrond builders scene.

About Maiar Exchange

DeFi For The Next Billion.

Swap assets instantly, globally, inexpensively, and automatically with Maiar; Internet-scale DeFi: the scalable financial engine of the new internet economy.

About BHAT

$BHAT is the governance token for the BH Network hub, enabling freelancers to move away from the constraints of web2 platforms onto a fairer, more transparent web3 ecosystem and provide an entryway onto the Elrond Network for selected cryptocurrency and NFT projects.

BH Network will use $BHAT and to offer the community another way to invest in new, disruptive, effective, and legally compliant blockchain startups.

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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