BHAT Staking is Live on Maiar DEX

BHAT Staking is Live on Maiar DEX


BHAT, the governance token for the BH Network freelancing marketplace and the BHero Launchpad, is now integrated into the Maiar Exchange Staking program.

BHAT Staking on Maiar DEX

Staking is the main engine of the BH Network Hub and is linked to all current and future products within the hub.

The ability to stake BHAT allows token holders to invest their tokens and earn up to 25% APR in BHAT tokens.

BH Network is offering 37 million tokens over the next 12 months as staking rewards.

Staking BHAT

If you wish to stake your BHAT tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Metastaking option, select the Connect option for Stake BHAT
  3. Select the Amount
  4. Click Stake

A minimum stake amount of 250 BHAT is required if you wish to participate in the BHero Levels Up algorithm to start gaining eligible tickets for the projects incubated by our Launchpad. Full details here.

Unbonding BHAT

After clicking Unstake, you instantly receive all of your available rewards, and all staked tokens are transferred to a bonded protocol, tied into the Staking Pool.

Please note that there is a 10-day unbonding period for all staked tokens, in line with EGLD.

APR Disclaimer

Staking APR is up to and inclusive of 25%, and it is variable, not fixed. Therefore, participation in the staking program will determine APR provided.

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

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