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Decentralizing Internet Marketing

The world is evolving, and this is the evolution of marketplaces. Take back control of your money. Pay less, get more - Fees are overrated and overpriced; why pay 20% fees when you can pay ~2-5%?

Join the revolution!


Who we are

BH Network is a team of freelancers and business owners who want to make a difference in the world of online marketplaces. We, too, have had enough of searching marketplaces for what we need and paying high fees to do so.

As a global network team of marketers, we know the struggles of getting what we need at a reasonable price.

We all work hard and are great at what we do. But, as a digital community, we deserve our own space in the cryptocurrency market, and you know it. Internet marketers are the backbone of the internet; without us, there would be nothing.

Our Mission

To create a sustainable and accessible community of freelancers, businesses, and customers to deliver digital goods in the new era of cryptocurrency marketplaces.

People buying and selling digital goods are on the rise, and freelancers are the future. We want to accommodate the need for purchasing digital goods online without the need for high fees and setbacks through payment processors.

Using Elrond Blockchain technology, we aim to provide everyone a space in the cryptocurrency market to open up opportunities for buying and selling in a world currently dominated by Fiat systems.


Token Sale

Creating a sustainable marketplace for freelancers worldwide requires a solid plan and execution of tokenomics and sales.

Tokens will be sent directly to your chosen Elrond wallet. Below is the token distribution and sale schedule.

Token Name:


Token Platform:


Token Standard:


Max. Supply (Hard Cap):


Available for Purchase:



Our Roadmap

The highly motivated, talented, and professional team at BH Network is working towards the following goals, to provide all freelancers with a fast and secure community marketplace.

Q3 2021 Babbage

The token launch will precede private and pre-sales while simultaneously building the BH Network community.

Q4 2021 Turing

Continuing the community growth will run alongside rigorous security audits while building cryptocurrency-specific partnerships.

Q1 2022 Kahn and Cerf

Targeting our community to global buyers and sellers will commence while we test the integration of all login methods and set up the core functionalities of the Marketplace.

Q2 2022 Adam Smith

The team will build and implement the Marketplace economics, fees, features, and reward systems for the Marketplace and native token.

Q3 2022 Mitnick

Continuous testing of the Marketplace will include rigorous in-house security and economic audits while building the bounty program.

Q4 2022 Berners

After the BETA release of the Marketplace, we will complete final changes and fixes before the official release and allow community voting for changes and fees to commence.

Q1 2023 Satoshi

The team expects the Marketplace to be completely live along with an entire management team while growing users to meet or exceed 1,000 sellers and 10,000 transactions.


Our team is a highly skilled and motivated group of internet marketers, developers, cryptocurrency specialists, and business owners with over 80 years of combined experience. We understand the struggles because we have been there. Now we are here to help you, too.


Marius G.

Blockchain Technical Director


Viktor M.

Full-Stack Developer


Sugata S.

Full-Stack Developer


Eddie M.



Steve T.

Content Creator and Editor


Petrica B.

Business Developer


George V.

Business Advisor

Our Partners & Supporters

Community partners and supporters are the lifeblood of our project. You help us by raising awareness of our project, getting as many people involved as possible. We would like to give special thanks to the following teams for being great supporters so early in the project.

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